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Development of the department

  This department, originally the Biology Department, was founded in 1964 by the Austrian priest, Reverend Father Hubert, who was also the first department head Fr. Hubert actively raised funds from abroad for the purchase of biological apparatus and other experimental materials, and promoted the development of research in biology.

  Fr. Hubert retired in the year 1981, when he was succeeded by Liu, Bao-wei, a member of the first graduating class, as the head of the department. In 1988, Mei-gui Yang, from the fourth class, succeeded as the head of the department. In 1994 Professor Jing-xia Chen took over as head, followed in 2000 by Professor Woan-Fang Tzeng, from the tenth class. Professor Wen-Huei Tsui became the next head in 2001, and since 2007 the department has been run by Professor Yung-An Lee, in 2010 Professor Yuh-Chi Kuo took over as head, followed in 2012 by Professor Ruey-Chih Su.

  In August 2001 the department was renamed the Life Science Department.
The distinguishing features of this department
  This department employs highly qualified faculty members for teaching and research. To nurture professional bio-technologists, the department has since the time of Fr. Hubert developed the following distinguishing features
  • Equal emphasis on teaching and research.
  • Close bond between teacher and students.
  • Well-qualified, experienced faculty.
Location And Map
  Our department is located in the central part of the College of Science and Engineering, including our office, the professors’ laboratory, student laboratory, Public Instrument Room, Animal Room, Greenhouse, and Fermentation Room. In order to maximize the use of space, our students attend lecture classes in the School of Continuing Education building, while lab classes meet in the department. Computer classrooms in the College of Science and Engineering are used for computer and statistics courses.