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Program Planning and Design:
Students in our graduate program must complete 30 academic credits including 6 credits in the "General Curriculum", 4 credits in the "Core Curriculum (Thesis and Topical Discussion), and 20 credits in the "Professional Major Curriculum" for graduation. The "Professional Major Curriculum" is categorized into three academic groups: "Biotechnology Group", "Biomedicine Group" and "Biodiversity Group". Students may select the group that matches their personal research interest with the guidance of their supervising professor and strengthen their professional expertise.

To enhance the ability of students to operate key instruments at the Institution, all graduate students must complete the compulsory laboratory training course by the end of Year 1. In addition, to encourage research students to take part in academic conferences and enhance their paper presentation skills, our institute provides students with subsidies for conference attendance under the "Regulations governing subsidies for graduate and undergraduate students attending academic conferences". The Institute also hosts an annual "Department of Life Sciences and Institute of Applied Science and Engineering joint exhibition on research achievements”in May every year. This provides graduate students with an opportunity to present their research works and learn from each other. The Institute receives funding from the Ministry of Education under the Teaching Excellence Project for (1) Career Counseling Development: Career Learning" and (2) Career Counseling Development - Industry Internship and Exchange to enhance the career planning abilities of our students. A "Biotechnology Industry Internship" course has also been established to provide graduate students with industry internship and employment opportunities